Skin Care:We at Resolute Skin & Cosmetic Care provide treatments for skin, nails and hair diseases. Acne scar removal, fairness and de-pigmentation. Acne can affect people of any group including teenagers and adults. Acne can stop you from looking your best and moreover, acne leaves scars and blemishes. Acne scars can make you feel less confident of yourself. If you are worried about your acne scars and blemishes, then DermaClinix is the ideal choice to get that envious look.

Nail Care:Now a days many people develop a fungal toenail infection at some point in their life. Usually it’s not a serious condition but it can be embarrassing as well as difficult to treat. The Resolute Skin & Cosmetic Care in Allahabad, offer a revolutionary new effective fungal nail treatments near. Here are the benefits of the new fungal nail laser treatment:

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