Electro cautery treatment is a way to remove skin spider veins, tags, moles, and wart using heat from electricity. The electricity is used to heat the needle which is put on the wart. At Resolute Skin & Cosmetic Clinic Pune By Dr. Renu Jadhav, we provide treatment using Electro cautery.

Electro cautery can also be used to remove other growths on your skin. Electro surgery is used to destroy benign and malignant lesions, to control bleeding, and to cut or excise tissue.
It is simple to perform and is useful for treating a variety of skin lesions, especially small superficial lesions (skin tags and small angiomas).

Modern, high-frequency electro surgical devices transfer electrical energy to human tissue via a treatment electrode that remains cool.

The electrical resistance of human tissue helps convert this electrical energy into molecular energy, which causes denaturation of intracellular and extracellular proteins, resulting in coagulation or desiccation effects. Raising intracellular water above the boiling point causes cell membrane rupture to produce a cutting effect.

Its symptoms include:
Raised around or oval growth on the skin with a rough surface
Some warts can cause pain

All types of warts can spread from one part of your own body to another. They may spread from one person to another, but this is rare.

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