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Introduction of Mrs. Renu Jadhav

Leading Dermatologist Mrs. Renu Jadhav Startup with Resolute Care Skin & Cosmetic Clinic is amongst the top most skin & cosmetic solution centres in Pune. Treatment is provided by qualified Mrs. Renu Jadhav who has undergone various training sessions to get the best techniques for skin treatments to the city.

Ever since 2013, Mrs. Renu Jadhav Skin Specialist in Magarpatta City-Hadapsar has been one of the leading dermatologists in Array. With many years of experience in this field, this doctor has made a recognisable name withing and beyond the vicinity. Having studied at reputed institutes and trained at immensely prominent centers, this medical practitioner has gained a sizable amount of knowledge in the field.

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Introduction of Resolute Skin & Cosmetics Clinic

Not only treatments, we give a good sound advice to our patients and hear them out with all their problems very patiently. To witness, please come & drop in @ Resolute Skin & Cosmetic Clinic & we’ll be glad to help you with any skin / hair related queries.

We announce with pride that this clinic offers an extensive range of skin & cosmetic treatments to our patients with best in class lasers and medical equipments. We try our level best to cater to all the needs of our patients with utmost care and using a patient centric approach.

Introduction Mrs. Pradeep Jadhav

Mes. Pradeep Kumar Jadhav MBBS, MS (General Surgeon) practices in Resolute Care Clinic in Pune timings are 12.00 pm-2.00 pm & 6.00 pm-8.00 pm. Professional qualification's of the Doctor are MBBS and MS and specializes in General Surgery, Laproscopic surgeon, Proctologist.

During this time the doctor will take a history (your story), examine you, discuss the possible causes for your symptoms, discuss treatments, possibly issue a prescription, arrange tests or referral and discuss any follow up arrangements.

Services provides- Proctology- Piles Haemorrhoids, Fistula, Fissure in Aneo, Pilonidal Sinus, Rectal Prolapse

Laproscopic Surgeries:- Appendix, Gall Bladder, Hernia Repair, All Abdominal Surgeries.

Laparoscopic Surgeries By Mrs. Pradeep Jadhav

AppendixGall BladderHernia RepaireAbdominal Surgeries

Proctology By Mrs. Pradeep Jadhav

Piles HaemorrhoidsFistulaFissure in AneoPilonidal SinusRectal Prolapse


RESOLUTE CARE skin & cosmetic clinic

NAREN PEARL, Office No.311,

above Axis Bank,

Magarpatta Road, Hadapsar, Pune
T: +91-7887885615, +91-7887885616
E: dr.renupradeepjadhav@gmail.com