In Pune, Diode Laser Hair Removal machines are relatively new. The Diode laser hair removal treatment is different to other laser systems in the way the laser is generated. Diode laser hair removal systems are made up of diodes or semiconductors.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses a powerful laser or 'intense pulsed light' (IPL) to remove unwanted hair.
The diode lasers in this system operate at 800-810 nm wavelengths. The laser wavelength can be changed to suit your needs. This change can be made by changing some parameters. The Diode laser hair removal system can be effectively used on darker skin types. Thick, coarse hair is best treated with this laser. This treatment is often popular with men, as it is effective on back and chest hair, which some men hate and feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about.

Laser technology can sound intimidating, but in reality it is very straightforward and safe when practiced by a skilled professional.

Advantages of Diode Laser Hair Removal:

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